Active Zone Kids

Miss Lisa
Owner and Teacher


The schedule is flexible, and times are approximate. However, I usually maintain the same order of events so that the children have the security of knowing what to expect next.

9:00-9:10 Greetings

We welcome the arrival of our preschool friends and prepare for the day.

9:10-9:30 Circle Time

During "circle time", we talk about the day's theme and take turns sharing stories, observations and ideas. Using fun books, songs, and visuals, the children learn about the day's letter, number, shape, and color. Within our reading program, we practice rhyming, syllables and phonic sounds. We also work as a group to identify numbers, count, and develop math skills. This time prepares children for kindergarten by teaching listening skills, patience, social skills, and helps to develop attentiveness.

9:30-10:00 Table Activities

The "table activities" help the children connect with the day's lessons. These activities may include writing, sorting, matching, scissors practice, games, math manipulatives, puzzles, letter/number/word hunts, or playdough, just to name a few. We most often finish with an art project which develops creativity and fine motor skills with a variety of tools and materials.

10:00-10:30 Themed Activity

Our "themed activity" is almost always an active one and surrounds the day's theme. We play and move around a lot. When the weather is good, we generally go outside to enjoy it. During the winter months, we have the activity in the classroom. This period of guided activity may include outdoor learning, imaginative play, games, sensory bins, water play, fine and gross motor activities, food preparation or other play-based learning.

10:30-10:50 Snack

We take time to eat a snack brought from home and sit at the table. We focus on good table manners and independence. When the children are finished with their snack, they clear their spots at the table, wash hands, and we move on to the next activity.

10:50-11:20 Enrichment Activity

This time period allows us to explore an engaging activity that may or may not involve the day's theme. It will change from day to day. Below are descriptions of some of the activities we may enjoy during this period of class.
  • "Gym Games" allows the children to exert their energy while participating in structured activities that improve listening skills, hand-eye coordination, and gross motor skills. The children will enjoy outdoor or indoor fitness games and learn the basic skills for a variety of sports.
  • "Life Skills/Healthy Living" may involve activities such as baking a treat, learning about new foods, telling time, exploring germs and washing hands, tying shoes or discussing a health topic.
  • "Science Fun" includes intriguing experiments and concepts from the science world. Some months we will concentrate on a specific science theme such as gravity, the solar system, our 5 senses and so forth.
  • "Teacher's Choice" may involve a seasonal activity related to a holiday or an activity corresponding to the day's theme. This time may also include educational games, puzzles or other manipulative activities.
11:20-11:30 Clean-up and Prepare for Departure

Children are dismissed as they are finishing the "Enrichment Activity" and share in clean-up time. They gather their backpacks and are greeted by their parents or caregivers at the door.

If you are interested in learning more about Active Zone Kids Preschool in Eagle, Idaho or to arrange a tour, please contact Miss Lisa.