Active Zone Kids

Miss Lisa
Owner and Teacher


My curriculum is filled with playful educational activities, projects and games focused on the day's theme. Our daily activities connect various concepts such as math, literacy, science, social studies, animal exploration, healthy living skills, sports, nature, cooking, creative arts, and much more. The children are engaged in hands-on, active learning that nurtures creativity and develops independent thinking and problem-solving skills.

My goal is to provide a positive, exciting learning environment which will instill in each child a lifelong love of learning and enhance later success in school. Most importantly, Active Zone Kids Preschool is a loving and nurturing school where your child receives individualized attention.

From year to year, no two classes are ever alike. I continuously tweak the classes to fit the needs of the current students. I design a customized curriculum with projects and activities providing the appropriate challenge for each child's current academic level and skill set.

Class Themes

From September through April, each week includes themed activities and projects about a letter of the alphabet...such as "A for Apples", "B for Bugs", "C for Clouds". Our activities may include experiences such as testing what parts of an apple float, going on a bug hunt, and learning about rain through a science experiment.

May through June features a fun theme each week such as "Outer Space", "Farms", "Caterpillars and Butterflies", "Wind and Water Science" to name a few.

Daily Email and Photos

Each preschool day, I send parents an email describing what we did in class and include photos of our activities.

Periodic Assessments

Every three months, I send home an assessment of each child's progress and skills as I have observed in class. This preschool assessment measures what children have learned in various areas of development in preparation for kindergarten.

If you are interested in learning more about Active Zone Kids Preschool in Eagle, Idaho or to arrange a tour, please contact Miss Lisa.